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south west priority
growth area

We know South West Sydney.

We have helped our development partners to secure approvals for thousands of new lots and dwellings, and their supporting infrastructure.


The South West Priority Growth Area is one of the main ‘engine rooms’ for housing supply in Sydney’s greenfield areas. We’ve worked with our development partners over the last 6 years to secure approvals for over 3,000 new lots and medium density dwellings in the active land release precincts. There are also over 2,000 more lots / dwellings that we are in the process of gaining approval for.

We also understand the hard and soft infrastructure required to support greenfield development. We continue to work with the Department of Planning and Environment and growth councils in the South West area to prepare infrastructure contributions plans that establish the funding regime for essential infrastructure. We also assist developers in negotiations to deliver essential works under planning agreements and as works in kind.

Hover over the active land release precincts below to see a summary of our projects.

250 Lots
Contributions Plan
LEC appeals
285 Lots and 9 Medium Density Homes underway

30 Lots
108 Medium Density homes
Contributions Plan
LEC appeals
585 Lots and 65 Medium Density homes underway

Contributions Plan
225 lots and 10 Medium Density homes underway

2,290 lots
280 Medium Density homes
Planning Proposal
Contributions Plan and VPA
640 Lots and 165 Medium Density homes underway

Contributions Plan and VPA
40 Lots underway

42 lots
42 Medium Density homes
Contributions Plan and VPA

Contributions Plan and VPA
30 Medium Density homes underway