we offer a variety

of planning services

what we do at gln.

Site Acquisition
and Due Diligence

We provide due diligence advice to inform development feasibilities, set approval paths and identify the package of investigations to ensure all relevant matters are addressed in the design, approval and delivery stages.

Environmental Studies
and Investigations

We identify, manage and coordinate site investigations with the aim of integrating outcomes that add benefit and value to the development project.

Infrastructure Delivery
and Development Contributions

We have special expertise in facility planning and infrastructure funding & delivery strategies, including Section 7.11 and Section 7.12 (formerly Section 94 and Section 94A) contributions plans, contributions strategies, systems and processes and voluntary planning agreements.

Development Assessment
and Approval Processes

We are experienced in identifying the optimum approval paths and undertaking assessments. These include statements of environmental effects, environmental impact statements, reviews of environmental factors and state significant site studies of a range of development and infrastructure projects.


We specialise in preparing key strategic and planning policies including floodplain risk management strategic studies and plans, planning proposals for rezoning of land, development and population projections assessments, needs analyses, land use audits, master and structure planning, urban settlement & housing strategies, local environmental studies and development control plans.


We have appeared as expert witnesses for a range of planning matters in the Land and Environment Court and the Supreme Court of NSW on behalf of consent authorities, applicants and as court appointed experts.

Policy Practice
and Education

We have experience in delivering educational and policy programs including planning system design and manuals, stakeholder liaison and management, training services in key skill areas (floodplain risk management, development contributions, the planning process and development management).

Flood Risk

We provide planning input to the preparation of flood risk management studies and plans, preparation and review of flood related planning controls, audits of Council flood dissemination procedures and staff training and education.