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Paul Grech

“You rarely get a black and white answer with planning – it’s about working through a complex range of issues and considering competing interests to find the right balance.”

PauI Grech applies his broad range of town planning experience to every project, delivering balanced, comprehensive and practical advice and outcomes.

Over his 30-year career Paul has become recognised as a leading expert in assessment of complex development proposals, due diligence and floodplain risk management.

Greg New

“Modern, liveable communities demand that water, sewer, roads, drainage, parks and community facilities are provided in a timely fashion. Decisions about who provides these elements and how they are funded are critical for creating successful places.” 

Greg New is an expert in land use, infrastructure and development contributions planning. His 30-year career stretches across both government and the private sector.

Greg has expertise in preparing and reviewing contributions plans and strategies for State and local government, developers and councils, and in negotiating voluntary planning agreements for these parties. Greg is a leading professional in this area and has prepared papers, guidelines and training courses on the development contribution system.

Peter Lawrence

“Town Planning is about getting the framework right, and having all the elements in place to create vibrant and robust communities.”

Over the past 30 years, Peter Lawrence has worked in local and state government, planning consultancies and held senior positions with two major development companies.

Along the way, he has collected the skills necessary to resolve complex issues, expedite approvals, streamline delivery and create high quality residential estates and development projects that meet all financial, development and community benchmarks.

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